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Print & Scan Direct

The premier service in onsite document scanning

Revolutionising Package Delivery

With Smart Parcel Lockers, gone are the days of missed deliveries, long wait times, and the inconvenience of coordinating package drop-offs. Our innovative system offers a seamless and automated solution for package management, making it an ideal choice for residential complexes, office buildings, universities, and retail establishments.
Whether you’re looking at an electronic locker system to provide 24/7 on-demand package access or increase your business’s efficiency, let us help you find the ideal solution for you.

Choose Your Smart Locker Solution

Retail Parcel Locker Solutions

Smart Parcel Lockers by SMARTECH offer a contactless, cost-effective solution that simplifies the retrieval and return process for online and in-store orders.

On-Campus Smart Lockers Solutions

Smart lockers enhance the student experience on college campuses by offering a secure, convenient and efficient package pick-up or drop-off experience.

Residential Parcel Locker Solutions

24/7 on-demand resident package pick-up for your community. Safe, secure and on-demand package management systems for apartments.

Corporate & Commercial Parcel Locker Solutions

Our Smart locker systems for corporate campuses and commercial properties help you create a modern office experience, plus provide extra security and easy access to parcels for employees and tenants.

Carrier Parcel Locker Solutions

MORE solutions to help save time and consolidate pick-up/drop-off operations. Manage more parcel collections and returns with minimal locker footprint.

Why Choose Smart Parcel Lockers

MORE Scalability

Our approach is definable, intuitive, and repeatable, which ensures a high level of user satisfaction and package delivery efficiency.

MORE Products

Multiple locker types and sizes to support your package delivery needs and aesthetics; custom wraps available.

MORE Options

Our industry-leading API and Universal Partner Integrations allow for seamless integrations with your software and delivery processes.

MORE Satisfaction

Provider of the best parcel delivery management experience for you and your customers with an Australia.-based customer service team.

MORE Deliveries

Courier-trusted, our systems process more than 72 million parcels annually from all major global couriers.

MORE Expertise

Smart Parcel Lockers by Smartech is a leader in parcel locker solutions. – supporting Australia Post locker locations in Australia.

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To learn more about our Parcel Locker Solutions simply get in touch with SMARTECH today. Your dedicated Local Account Manager will visit to discuss the right option for your business.

Print Mail Direct

1.     How does Print Mail Direct work?

Print mail direct is a division of our business that can perform customer transaction a land marketing mail. Simply though following a couple of steps, send us the file, we print it for you, fold and insert into envelope and mail it out without the need to leave your desk. Direct mail is a marketing strategy that involves sending physical promotional materials, such as postcards, brochures, or catalogues, directly to a target audience via postal mail.

2.    What types of businesses benefit from utilising Print Mail Direct Services?

Print mail direct can benefit a wide range of businesses, including corporate organisations for sending out customer communications such as invoices and statements. Retail stores, service providers, non-profits, and B2B companies. It is effective for reaching specific demographics and promoting products, services, or events.

3.    How to build a targeted mailing list?

Build a targeted mailing list by identifying the ideal customer demographics. Utilise customer data, conduct market research, and consider partnering with list providers to create a comprehensive and accurate mailing list.

4.    What are the cost considerations for print mail direct campaigns?

Costs for print mail direct campaigns include design and printing expenses, postage fees, and data management costs. Bulk mailing options may offer postage discounts, and the overall budget will depend on the scope of the campaign.

5.    Can print mail direct be integrated with digital marketing strategies?

Yes, print mail direct can be integrated with digital marketing strategies. Consider including QR codes or personalised URLs in desire print materials to drive recipients to specific landing pages or online promotions.


Smart Scan Direct

1.    What is Smart ScanDirect?

Smart Scan Direct is an innovative scanning solution that leverages advanced technology to streamline document scanning processes. It enhances efficiency and accuracy in capturing, storing, and managing documents.

2.    How does Smart ScanDirect work?

Smart Scan Direct automates the document scanning process, allowing users to scan, digitise, and organize documents with ease. It often incorporates features such as optical character recognition (OCR) for text extraction and intelligent categorisation.

3.     What types of documents can be scanned with Smart Scan Direct?

Smart Scan Direct is versatile and can handle a variety of documents, including invoices, contracts, receipts, and other paper-based documents. It is adaptable to different document sizes and types.

4.    How does Smart ScanDirect improve workflow efficiency?

Smart Scan Direct improves workflow efficiency by reducing manual data entry, automating document organisation, and providing quick access to digitised information. It minimizes the time and effort required for document handling.


5.    Is Smart Scan Direct compatible with different scanning devices?

Yes, Smart Scan Direct is designed to be compatible with various scanning devices, including scanners, multifunction printers, and mobile scanning applications. It aims to provide flexibility in choosing the right scanning tool for your needs.

6.    Does Smart Scan Direct support document indexing and search capabilities?

Yes, Smart Scan Direct typically includes document indexing features, allowing users to add metadata to scanned documents for easy categorisation. The solution often provides robust search capabilities to quickly locate specific documents.

7.    Can Smart Scan Direct integrate with other business systems or software?

Yes, many Smart Scan Direct solutions offer integration capabilities with other business systems, document management platforms, or software applications. This ensures seamless collaboration and data sharing across different tools.

8.    Is Smart Scan Direct secure for handling sensitive documents?

Yes, security is a priority in Smart Scan Direct solutions.They often include encryption features, access controls, and compliance with data protection regulations to ensure the secure handling of sensitive documents.

9.     How does Smart Scan Direct contribute to a paperless office environment?

Smart Scan Direct plays a crucial role in transitioning to a paperless office by digitizing paper documents. This reduces the reliance on physical paperwork, promotes sustainability, and enhances document accessibility.

Service & Support

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