Technical Printers

Ideal technical printing solutions for users in the AEC, CAD and GIS industry.

Technical Printers

Ideal technical printing solutions for users in the AEC, CAD and GIS industry.

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HP PageWide XL Production Printers

Based on reliable HP Thermal Inkjet technology and HP PageWide XL pigment ink, HP PageWide Technology offers high quality at high printing speeds.

HP Designjet T series

A quiet multi-functional printer for building and construction, with a small footprint that boosts productivity with economical large format print.

Canon iPF TX Range

Canon’s new TX Series large format printers are designed for big businesses that demand superior quality and a streamlined workflow.

Epson SURECOLOR Technical

The Epson SureColor Technical series is a versatile and compact range of printers designed for printing large format colour or black and white images, ideal for printing posters, technical drawings, maps, CAD, displays and presentation material.


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What is a technical printer?

A technical printer is a specialized device designed for producing detailed and precise prints, often used in engineering, architecture, and technical drawing applications.

How do technical printers differ from regular printers?

Technical printers are engineered for high precision and accuracy in reproducing technical drawings and schematics. They typically support large-format printing and may use specialized inks.

What types of technical documents can be printed with technical printers?

Technical printers are suitable for printing a wide range of technical documents, including architectural drawings, engineering schematics, GIS maps, CAD drawings, and other detailed documents.

How does precision impacts in technical printing?

Precision is crucial in technical printing to accurately reproduce intricate details and dimensions present in technical drawings. This ensures that printed documents are a true representation of the original design.

Which types of media could technical printers handle?

Yes, many technical printers can handle different media types, including bond paper, vellum, film, and other specialty papers commonly used in technical drawing applications.

What is large-format printing, and why is it important in technical printing?

Large-format printing refers to printing sizes larger than the standard letter or legal size. It is important in technical printing as it allows for the reproduction of large-scale drawings and designs.

Are technical printers suitable for colour printing?

While some technical printers support colour printing, many are designed for monochrome printing, emphasizing precision and clarity in technical drawings.

How does a technical printer enhance workflow in engineering and architecture firms?

Technical printers enhance workflow by providing quick and accurate prints of technical documents, reducing the time required for manual reproduction and ensuring the clarity of details.

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