Graphic Art Printers

A wide range of printers designed to output the highest standards of print quality.

Graphic Art Printers

A wide range of printers designed to output the highest standards of print quality.

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Canon iPF

Showcase your photography, signage and POS in stunning vivid colour. Choose from a range of print speeds and multi function capabilities to suit your business needs.

HP DesignJet

The HP DesignJet large-format plotters are the worlds easiest to use plotters providing precise and reliable printing to suit every office and budget.

Epson SURECOLOR Photographic

The Epson SURECOLOR Photographic P Series is a line of professional-grade printers, offering A3+ and A2+ photo printing with professional quality output.


A range of consumables are available on the SMARTECH eShop.

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What is a graphic art printer?

A graphic art printer is a specialized printer designed for high-quality printing of graphic designs, artwork, and images. It is commonly used by graphic designers, artists, photographers, and print professionals.

How does a graphic art printer differ from a standard printer?

Graphic art printers are designed to produce prints with exceptional colour accuracy, resolution, and detail. They often use multiple inks and advanced printing technologies to achieve professional-quality results.

What types of projects are suitable for graphic art printers?

Graphic art printers are suitable for a wide range of projects, including fine art prints, photography reproductions, marketing materials, posters, and other applications that require high-quality graphics.

Can graphic art printers handle different types of media?

Yes, many graphic art printers are versatile and can handle various media types, including photo paper, canvas, specialty art papers, and even some fabric materials.

What is the importance of colour accuracy in graphic art printing?

Colour accuracy is crucial in graphic art printing to reproduce images as close to the original as possible. Graphic art printers often use advanced color management systems and multiple inks to achieve accurate and vibrant colors.

What is the role of resolution in graphic art printing?

Resolution, measured in dots perinch (DPI), determines the level of detail in prints. Graphic art printers typically offer high resolutions to ensure sharp and precise output, especially for fine art and detailed graphics.

Are graphic art printers suitable for large format printing?

Yes, many graphic art printers come in large format configurations to accommodate the printing of larger artworks, posters, and other large-scale graphics.

How do I choose the right graphic art printer for my needs?

Consider factors such as print quality, color accuracy, media compatibility, size requirements, and budget when choosing a graphic art printer. Consult with experts or read reviews for informed decisions.

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