Large Format Finishing

Equipment for Cutting, Trimming, Laminating & Finishing various large format print media & substrates.

Large Format Finishing

Equipment for Cutting, Trimming, Laminating & Finishing various large format print media & substrates.

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Large Format Laminators

Wide Format Laminators are ideal for creating stunning laminated posters, graphics, displays, and banners.

Vinyl Cutters

Vinyl cutting machines that cut fast and precise graphics for signs, apparel, decals and stickers.

Trimboards & Signage Cutters

Cutters to suit flexible and rigid graphics and sign applications.

XY Cutters

Fotoba is the XY cutter designed for super-fast and accurate automatic trimming on the four sides of flexible materials.

Digital Flatbed Cutters

Professional Flatbed cutting systems suitable for producing a broad variety of signage, displays, samples, packaging applications with through cut, perforation, creasing and router cutting.


A range of consumables are available on the SMARTECH eShop.

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What is large format finishing?

Large format finishing refers to the processes and equipment used to complete, enhance, or prepare large format printed materials for their final use or display. This can include cutting, laminating, mounting, and other finishing techniques.

Why is large format finishing important in printing?

Large format finishing is crucial to transform printed materials into final products. It adds durability, improves presentation, and ensures that large prints meet specific requirements for display or application.

What types of finishing processes are commonly used in large format printing?

Common finishing processes include cutting or trimming to size, laminating for protection, mounting on rigid substrates, framing, grommeting for banners, and applying adhesives for easy installation.

How does large format lamination benefit printed materials?

Lamination adds a protective layer to large-format prints, safeguarding them from UV rays, moisture, and physical damage. It enhances durability and extends the life of the printed material.

Can large format finishing be customized for specific applications?

Yes, large format finishing is highly customizable. The choice of finishing processes depends on the intended use of the printed material, such as indoor or outdoor displays, trade show graphics, or point-of-sale materials.

What is the role of mounting in large format finishing?

Mounting involves affixing a printed material onto a rigid substrate, such as foam board or PVC, to add stability and make it suitable for display. This process is common in creating signage and posters.

How does large format cutting or trimming work?

Large format cutting or trimming involves precision cutting of printed materials to the desired size or shape. This ensures a clean and professional appearance for the final product.

What are some considerations for large format finishing in outdoor applications?

For outdoor applications, consider weather-resistant finishing options such as UV-resistant laminates, durable substrates, and grommeting for easy installation in outdoor environments.

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