Print Finishing

Our range of print finishing solutions refers to the process of transforming printed material into a user format. Our equipment will handle either offset or digitally printed materials in a more efficient manner.

Large Format Finishing

Equipment for Cutting, Trimming, Laminating & Finishing various large format print media & substrates.

Cutters, Creasers & Perforators

Automate the finishing of your digitally printed sheets and increase your product offerings using our range of Cutters, Creasers, Trimmers & Perforators.

Paper Guillotines

Guillotines are valuable equipment, which can be utilised just about anywhere where paper needs to be cut accurately with very little effort.

Paper Folding Machines

Our Paper Folding equipment enable you to create accurately folded mail and document, giving your communications a highly professional look & feel.

Booklet-makers & Collators

As the exclusive supplier of Duplo's range of high-end document finishing equipment inAustralia, Smartech has a solution for all sizes of print operation.


SMARTECH offers a range of Binding Machines that will enable you to easily create professional bound books, documents, reports, presentations and more.

Laminating Machines

Laminating not only protects against water, dirt and damage; but also enhances the colour, overall visual quality and value of your printed material.


Document Shredders are an important piece of equipment used for destroying private and confidential information. It is a critical part of any security process for Persons, Businesses, Government and Corporate.

Drills, Staplers & Finishing Accessories

A wide range of Paper Drills, Automatic Staplers, Round Corner Cutters and other equipment to assist in paper handling and print finishing.

Digital Diecutter

A wide range of Laminating Rolls Thermal and Single Side Films, Laminating Pouches, Binding Consumables and Covers, Shredder Bags and Oils and more.


Discover our highly efficient short run label printing and cutting solutions.

Digital Spot UV coater

Transform your print projects with the captivating allure of Spot UV effects. Discover the power of Duplo's Spot UV Printing Solutions and unlock a world of limitless design possibilities.

Refurbished Equipment

Certified refurbished equipment changes regularly, check with SMARTECH for availability.

Revolutionising Package Delivery

With Smart Parcel Lockers, gone are the days of missed deliveries, long wait times, and the inconvenience of coordinating package drop-offs. Our innovative system offers a seamless and automated solution for package management, making it an ideal choice for residential complexes, office buildings, universities, and retail establishments.
Whether you’re looking at an electronic locker system to provide 24/7 on-demand package access or increase your business’s efficiency, let us help you find the ideal solution for you.

Choose Your Smart Locker Solution

Retail Parcel Locker Solutions

Smart Parcel Lockers by SMARTECH offer a contactless, cost-effective solution that simplifies the retrieval and return process for online and in-store orders.

On-Campus Smart Lockers Solutions

Smart lockers enhance the student experience on college campuses by offering a secure, convenient and efficient package pick-up or drop-off experience.

Residential Parcel Locker Solutions

24/7 on-demand resident package pick-up for your community. Safe, secure and on-demand package management systems for apartments.

Corporate & Commercial Parcel Locker Solutions

Our Smart locker systems for corporate campuses and commercial properties help you create a modern office experience, plus provide extra security and easy access to parcels for employees and tenants.

Carrier Parcel Locker Solutions

MORE solutions to help save time and consolidate pick-up/drop-off operations. Manage more parcel collections and returns with minimal locker footprint.

Why Choose Smart Parcel Lockers

MORE Scalability

Our approach is definable, intuitive, and repeatable, which ensures a high level of user satisfaction and package delivery efficiency.

MORE Products

Multiple locker types and sizes to support your package delivery needs and aesthetics; custom wraps available.

MORE Options

Our industry-leading API and Universal Partner Integrations allow for seamless integrations with your software and delivery processes.

MORE Satisfaction

Provider of the best parcel delivery management experience for you and your customers with an Australia.-based customer service team.

MORE Deliveries

Courier-trusted, our systems process more than 72 million parcels annually from all major global couriers.

MORE Expertise

Smart Parcel Lockers by Smartech is a leader in parcel locker solutions. – supporting Australia Post locker locations in Australia.

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To learn more about our Parcel Locker Solutions simply get in touch with SMARTECH today. Your dedicated Local Account Manager will visit to discuss the right option for your business.

1.    What are the common print finishing techniques?

Common print finishing techniques include binding (saddle stitching, perfect binding, spiral binding), laminating, foiling, embossing, debossing, die-cutting, varnishing, UV coating, and spot glossing.

maintenance tasks.

2.    How spot UV finish works?

Spot UV finishing is achieved by applying a clear UV coating to selected areas of the printed piece, such as text, images, logos, or specific design elements. The UV coating is then cured or dried using ultraviolet light, creating a raised and glossy texture. The contrast between the raised glossy areas and the flat matte areas of the paper produces a visually striking effect.

3.     What are the benefits of sport UV finish?

·      Enhanced Visual Appeal: Spot UV adds depth and dimension to your printed materials, making them more visually appealing and memorable.

·      Contrast and Emphasis: By applying gloss selectively, you can draw attention to specific parts of the design, such as a logo or product image.

·      Professional and High-End Look: Spot UV finishing imparts a premium and high-quality feel to printed materials.

·      Tactile Experience: The raised glossy areas offer a tactile sensation when touched, creating an interactive aspect to your design.

4.    What are the common applications for spot UV finishing?

Spot UV finishing is commonly used for:

·      Businesscards

·      Brochures and flyers

·      Packaging materials

·      Bookcovers

·      Invitations and greeting cards

·      Presentation folders

·      Magazinecovers

5.    What is a lamination printer, and how does it work?

A lamination printer is a device that applies a protective layer of plastic film (laminate) onto documents, photos, or other printed materials. It typically works by feeding the document through heated rollers, which seal the laminate onto the paper, creating a durable and water-resistant finish.

6.    What are the benefits of laminating documents or materials?

Laminating documents provides several advantages, including protection against moisture, dirt, and wear; increased durability; improved appearance with a glossy or matte finish; and the ability to write on and erase from laminated surfaces using dry-erase markers.

7.     What is the difference between a digital die-cutting machine and a traditional manual die-cutting machine?

Digital die-cutting machines are computer-controlled and can execute intricate and precise cuts based on digital designs. Manual die-cutting machines, on the other hand, require physical dies and manual effort to create cuts, which may be less precise and limited in design options.

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