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SMARTECH caters to all Large Format requirements including Print Media & Inks, Large Format Printers and Large Format Finishing Equipment.

Large Format Printers

A range of large format production printers designed to cater for signage print service providers.

Graphic Art Printers

A wide range of printers designed to output the highest standards of print quality.

Technical Printers

Ideal technical printing solutions for users in the AEC, CAD and GIS industry.

Large Format Finishing

Equipment for Cutting, Trimming, Laminating & Finishing various large format print media & substrates.

RIP Software

Essential for all print service providers, RIP software allows users to take full control over their printing.

Dye Sublimation

Remove complexity from your printing process. Dye-sublimation printing is now more reliable and predictable than ever before.

Refurbished Equipment

Certified refurbished equipment changes regularly, check with SMARTECH for availability.

Revolutionising Package Delivery

With Smart Parcel Lockers, gone are the days of missed deliveries, long wait times, and the inconvenience of coordinating package drop-offs. Our innovative system offers a seamless and automated solution for package management, making it an ideal choice for residential complexes, office buildings, universities, and retail establishments.
Whether you’re looking at an electronic locker system to provide 24/7 on-demand package access or increase your business’s efficiency, let us help you find the ideal solution for you.

Choose Your Smart Locker Solution

Retail Parcel Locker Solutions

Smart Parcel Lockers by SMARTECH offer a contactless, cost-effective solution that simplifies the retrieval and return process for online and in-store orders.

On-Campus Smart Lockers Solutions

Smart lockers enhance the student experience on college campuses by offering a secure, convenient and efficient package pick-up or drop-off experience.

Residential Parcel Locker Solutions

24/7 on-demand resident package pick-up for your community. Safe, secure and on-demand package management systems for apartments.

Corporate & Commercial Parcel Locker Solutions

Our Smart locker systems for corporate campuses and commercial properties help you create a modern office experience, plus provide extra security and easy access to parcels for employees and tenants.

Carrier Parcel Locker Solutions

MORE solutions to help save time and consolidate pick-up/drop-off operations. Manage more parcel collections and returns with minimal locker footprint.

Why Choose Smart Parcel Lockers

MORE Scalability

Our approach is definable, intuitive, and repeatable, which ensures a high level of user satisfaction and package delivery efficiency.

MORE Products

Multiple locker types and sizes to support your package delivery needs and aesthetics; custom wraps available.

MORE Options

Our industry-leading API and Universal Partner Integrations allow for seamless integrations with your software and delivery processes.

MORE Satisfaction

Provider of the best parcel delivery management experience for you and your customers with an Australia.-based customer service team.

MORE Deliveries

Courier-trusted, our systems process more than 72 million parcels annually from all major global couriers.

MORE Expertise

Smart Parcel Lockers by Smartech is a leader in parcel locker solutions. – supporting Australia Post locker locations in Australia.

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To learn more about our Parcel Locker Solutions simply get in touch with SMARTECH today. Your dedicated Local Account Manager will visit to discuss the right option for your business.

What is a wide format printer?

A wide format printer, also known asa large format printer, is a type of printer designed to produce prints and graphics on a larger scale than standard printers. These printers can handle a wide range of print sizes, typically starting from 18 inches in width and going up to several feet wide.

What are the uses for wide format printer?

·      Architectural and Engineering Drawings: Wide format printers are commonly used in architecture and engineering firms to print blueprints, construction plans, and technical drawings with precision and detail.

·      Graphic Design and Advertising: Graphic designers and advertising agencies use wide format printers to create large banners, posters, signage, and promotional materials with high-quality graphics and vibrant colors.

·      Photography and Fine Art Printing: Photographers and artists use wide format printers to produce gallery-quality prints of their work. These printers can handle a wide range of media, including canvas and specialty papers.

·      Retail Signage: Retailers use wide format printers to create eye-catching in-store signage, window displays, and promotional materials that attract customers and promote sales.

·      Vehicle Wraps: Wide format printers are essential in the production of vehicle wraps and decals. They can print large, full-colour graphics that are then applied to cars, trucks, and other vehicles.

·      Textile Printing: Some wide format printers are equipped with textile printing capabilities, allowing businesses to create custom fabric banners, flags, and clothing items.

·      Wall Murals and Wallpaper: Interior designers and decorators use wide format printers to produce custom wall murals and wallpaper for homes, businesses, and hotels.

·      Education and Presentations: Educational institutions use wide format printers for printing educational posters, diagrams, and classroom materials. They are also useful for creating visual aids for presentations.

·      Packaging Prototyping: Some wide format printers can create prototypes and mock-ups of packaging designs, allowing businesses to assess the visual and structural aspects of their packaging before production.

Things to Know Before Buying a WideFormat Printer
When buying a wide format printer, assess your printing needs like size, resolution, and media compatibility. Consider ink types for colour quality and durability. Check for compatible connectivity and software support. Factor in total cost of ownership, including ongoing expenses, maintenance, and warranty coverage.Prioritise image quality over speed if necessary.

What are the available types of large format printers?
In SMARTECH, we offer aqueous, solvent, dye-sub, latex & UV printers to suit your business needs.


What are the key advantage and usage of different large format printing technology?

·       Inkjet: Versatile, cost-effective, and suitable for various applications. Produces high-quality prints with excellent colour accuracy and detail, making it ideal for photo printing and graphic design.

·       Latex: Environmentally friendly, with water-based inks, low VOC emissions, and no hazardous fumes. Offers exceptional colour vibrancy and durability, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

·       UVPrinting: Instant curing of inks with UV light, allowing for printing on various substrates like wood, glass, metal, and more. Scratch and weather-resistant prints are perfect for signage and display graphics.

·       Dye sublimation: Its ability to produce vibrant, photo-realistic prints with smooth colour gradients ensures eye-catching results. The prints are highly durable, resistant to fading and scratches, making them suitable for long-lasting use. Dye sublimation's versatility allows it to be applied to different materials like fabrics, metal, ceramics, and more, expanding its creative possibilities.

Do we have media & consumables which compatible with the large format printer of my choice?
Yes we do! We are one stop shop who offer array of high-quality media, finishing equipment & consumables that are compatible to the printers that we sell. Please check out our media consumable page. SMARTECH eShop

What is the warranty period and what kind of technical support is available?

We offer a selection of warranty plan depends on the printer of your choice. We have full coverage on technical support for the entire Australia. If the issue can not resolve over the phone, we will have our experienced technician to visit the customer’s site for in-person technical support.

Service & Support

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