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Built on generations of personal and practical experience, supported by cutting edge technology, SMARTECH mailing and business automation solutions put your customer’s experience first.

Postage Meters (Franking Machines) & Mailing Solutions

SMARTECH offers a variety of postage meters and mailing systems. Whether you're looking to increase efficiency in your home office or large corporation, we have the right mailing system to suit your needs. Known as Franking Machines, the Postage Meters can speed up your mailing process and offer you postage cost savings.

Folder Inserters & Enveloping Machines

We offer low, medium, and high volume document handling solutions that provide the highest level of productivity and dependability.

Letter Openers

Designed for businesses of every size, our wide range of document handling equipment will add efficiency to your paper processing from start to finish.

Document Scanning

Improve the efficiency of your mail and document scanning solutions with SMARTECH's range of mail and document scanners.

Business Process Automation

Let SMARTECH help you optimise your front end or back end operations with our flexible and robust solutions.

Digital Printers & Addressing Systems

Directly printing names and addresses onto envelopes is an easy way to personalise your mail without applying labels. Envelope and address printers can also apply marketing images for impactful mail.

Refurbished Equipment

Certified refurbished equipment changes regularly, check with SMARTECH for availability.

Revolutionising Package Delivery

With Smart Parcel Lockers, gone are the days of missed deliveries, long wait times, and the inconvenience of coordinating package drop-offs. Our innovative system offers a seamless and automated solution for package management, making it an ideal choice for residential complexes, office buildings, universities, and retail establishments.
Whether you’re looking at an electronic locker system to provide 24/7 on-demand package access or increase your business’s efficiency, let us help you find the ideal solution for you.

Choose Your Smart Locker Solution

Retail Parcel Locker Solutions

Smart Parcel Lockers by SMARTECH offer a contactless, cost-effective solution that simplifies the retrieval and return process for online and in-store orders.

On-Campus Smart Lockers Solutions

Smart lockers enhance the student experience on college campuses by offering a secure, convenient and efficient package pick-up or drop-off experience.

Residential Parcel Locker Solutions

24/7 on-demand resident package pick-up for your community. Safe, secure and on-demand package management systems for apartments.

Corporate & Commercial Parcel Locker Solutions

Our Smart locker systems for corporate campuses and commercial properties help you create a modern office experience, plus provide extra security and easy access to parcels for employees and tenants.

Carrier Parcel Locker Solutions

MORE solutions to help save time and consolidate pick-up/drop-off operations. Manage more parcel collections and returns with minimal locker footprint.

Why Choose Smart Parcel Lockers

MORE Scalability

Our approach is definable, intuitive, and repeatable, which ensures a high level of user satisfaction and package delivery efficiency.

MORE Products

Multiple locker types and sizes to support your package delivery needs and aesthetics; custom wraps available.

MORE Options

Our industry-leading API and Universal Partner Integrations allow for seamless integrations with your software and delivery processes.

MORE Satisfaction

Provider of the best parcel delivery management experience for you and your customers with an Australia.-based customer service team.

MORE Deliveries

Courier-trusted, our systems process more than 72 million parcels annually from all major global couriers.

MORE Expertise

Smart Parcel Lockers by Smartech is a leader in parcel locker solutions. – supporting Australia Post locker locations in Australia.

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To learn more about our Parcel Locker Solutions simply get in touch with SMARTECH today. Your dedicated Local Account Manager will visit to discuss the right option for your business.

1.    What is mailing automation?

Mailing automation involves using technology and processes to streamline and optimize the preparation, addressing, and distribution of mail and printed materials.

2.    Why should I consider mailing automation for my business?

Mailing automation can save time, reduce human errors, lower mailing costs, improve delivery accuracy, and enhance overall efficiency in sending out printed materials and communications.

3.    What types of materials can be processed through mailing automation?

Mailing automation can handle a variety of materials, including letters, postcards, brochures, catalogues, invoices, statements, and promotional materials.

4.    How does mailing automation work?

Mailing automation involves using software, hardware, and equipment to sort, fold, insert, seal, address, and even apply postage to mail pieces. It often integrates with databases for personalized mailing.

5.    What are the key components of a mailing automation system?

A typical mailing automation system consists of software for data processing, hardware for printing, folding, inserting, and addressing, as well as tracking and reporting tools.

6.    What options are available for personalizing and customizing mailings using automation?

·      Segmentation:Segment your email list based on various criteria, such as demographics, behavior, or purchase history. Send tailored content to each segment to make it more relevant to their interests.

·      Dynamic Content:Use dynamic content blocks within your emails that change based on the recipient's preferences or behavior. For example, show different product recommendations based on their past purchases.

·      Personalized Recommendations: Include personalized product or content recommendations based on the recipient's past interactions or browsing history on your website.

·      Location-Based Content: Tailor content based on the recipient's location, such as local events, weather updates, or store locations.

·      User-Generated Content: Showcase user-generated content, such as reviews, testimonials, or social media posts, to build trust and authenticity.

7.    What types of mailing scan be processed using an automated system?

·      Email Campaigns:Automated email marketing campaigns, including newsletters, product announcements, promotional offers, and follow-up emails.

·      Transactional Emails: Automated messages triggered by specific actions or events, such as order confirmations, shipping notifications, and password resets.

·      Event Invitations and Reminders: Automated invitations, RSVP confirmations, and event reminders for webinars, conferences, or local events.

·      Newsletters:Regularly scheduled automated newsletters containing curated content, updates, or industry insights.

·      Product Recommendations: Automated emails that provide personalized product recommendations based on a customer's browsing or purchase history.

·      Feedback and Surveys: Automated surveys and feedback requests to gather customer opinions and insights.

8.    How does the system manage different sizes and formats of envelopes or packages?

·      Data Input and Validation: The first step is to input accurate information about the size and format of each envelope or package into the system. This data may include dimensions, weight, contents, destination, and any special handling instructions. Automated data validation checks can help ensure the information entered is accurate and complete.

·      Barcode Scanning: Many mailing and shipping systems use barcode scanning technology to quickly identify and classify packages. Each package can be assigned a unique barcode, which is scanned at various points in the process to track its movement and size.

·      Label Printing:The system generates shipping labels with the necessary information, including the destination address, return address, package content details, and any special handling instructions. The label's format and size are determined by the package's specifications and the shipping carrier's requirements.

·      Package Handling Equipment: Automated systems may include various package handling equipment, such as conveyor belts, robotic arms, and sorting chutes, designed to accommodate different sizes and formats of packages. These systems can adjust their movements and operations based on the package's specifications.

·      Tracking and Verification: Throughout the shipping process, tracking information is continuously updated to ensure that packages are correctly handled and reach their destination. Automated systems can track packages and provide real-time status updates to both senders and recipients.

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